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Play Slingo Bingo Games Online

Slingo is a unique form of online casino game that is only rising in popularity.

It has rapidly become a favourite in online casinos, with many different Slingo games being created. You can even find Slingo instalments of well-established slot series such as Rainbow Riches.

You can play Slingo games online right here at Red Casino. Register an account with us and browse the selection we have available.

What Is Slingo?

Slingo is a blend of slot games and bingo, resulting in a unique casino game unlike any other. It features a 5×5 grid of numbers with a slot reel beneath.

Slingo as a concept was actually created in 1994 in New Jersey by Sal Falciglia Sr., but it wasn’t until after 2015 that the game became an online casino phenomenon.

Nowadays, there are a range of online Slingo games available to play, with different themes and some offering different features.

How To Play Slingo Slots

To begin playing Slingo, you first need to place your bet amount. After selecting your bet amount, you then begin the round and receive a number of spins, typically 10. Land numbers on the slot reel that match numbers on the 5×5 grid to mark them off.

If you mark off all the numbers in a line, you create a Slingo. The more Slingos you complete, the further up the prize ladder you move. The aim is to complete as many Slingos as possible in the round of spins.

At the end of the round, you are given the option to receive additional spins for an increased bet if there are still unmarked positions on the grid. The price of the additional spins depends on the state of the grid and how close you are to completing additional Slingos.

There are also bonus symbols that may appear on the slot reels in some Slingo games. Common ones are the Wild and Super Wild. If the Wild lands, you can mark off a chosen number in the column above it. If the Super Wild lands, you can mark off a chosen number anywhere on the grid.

Some Slingo games may also have bonus rounds, such as Extra Spins and Pick-Me features.

Discover The Best Slingo Casino Games

With their rise in popularity has come a rise in their production. There is a variety of Slingo games available to choose from with different themes and features available.

In order to bring the best online casino experience possible to our players, we ensure the Red Casino casino game collection contains some of the best Slingo casino games the industry has to offer.

Here are just a few of the ones you can find on our site.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Light & Wonder (formerly Scientific Games) teamed up with the Slingo team to create a Slingo instalment of the immensely popular Rainbow Riches slot series.

It’s a medium-volatility game that offers a range of bonus features that players of the Rainbow Riches slot games may recognise, such as the Wishing Well Bonus, Cash Crop Bonus, Magic Toadstool Bonus, the Road To Riches bonus, and more.

Deal or No Deal Slingo

Slingo meets the hugely popular TV game show in this Slingo release.

The 5×5 grid is stylised after the game show, displaying the numbers on the iconic red boxes rather than in a plain grid. And you select your box before the round begins, just like in the original game show.

It’s a low-medium volatility casino game that has a Banker’s Offer feature that triggers if you achieve 4 Slingos. In this feature, you are given 3 options:

  • Deal: accept the Banker’s offer.
  • No Deal: open your box and collect the prize value inside.
  • Spin: continue the game

If you choose to keep spinning, the Banker makes an offer following each spin, and the offer depends on the prize values left in play. If you reach a full house and the top of the prize ladder, you win the value of your box subject to an x20 multiplier.

Monopoly Slingo

This Slingo game is based on the popular board game of the same name.

Instead of spins, you get a number of rolls of the dice and make your way around the board. If you land on a property, all properties of the same colour are marked off on the grid. Marking off all properties in a row forms a Slingo.

Each time you pass ‘Go’, a cash value is added to the ‘Free Parking’ square, and if you land on this square, you win the total cash value.

Other Monopoly features are also present, such as the Chance and Community Chest cards, which could provide either a reward or a penalty.

Play Slingo For Real Money Online

Not only can you find an array of Slingo games on our site, but you can play Slingo for real money online here at Red Casino.

You place bets with your own deposited funds in order to play the Slingo games, but this also means that if you win, it’s a real money payout you receive.

So, if you’re after an online casino that offers the chance to potentially win real money on some of the best Slingo games available, look no further than Red Casino. Register an account to play any of our online slots and casino games.

Slingo Online FAQs

What is the best Slingo game to win?

There is no objective answer to this question, as different Slingo games have different volatility ratings and RTP rates, and they offer different top potential payouts. If you’re looking for one that offers the best single payout possible, look for one with a high max potential win.

If you’re after a Slingo game that, in theory, pays out more frequently, then choose lower volatility or higher RTP Slingo games. However, remember that Slingo games are random games of chance, and these are all just theoretical indicators, so results may differ in practice.

What is the best way to play Slingo?

There is no best way to play Slingo necessarily, as they are random games of chance with unpredictable outcomes. If the Slingo game you choose to play features Wild or Super Wild symbols, then the most popular strategy for these is to focus on filling the middle and corner spaces of the grid.

Is there a trick to Slingo?

There is no trick to Slingo. Like all online slots and casino games, they use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to produce random and unpredictable outcomes. The RNG produces results so quickly that it is impossible to predict or even attempt to predict.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these games are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.